How about combining a trip to the sauna with a little adventurous activity?

We offer smaller groups the option of a trip on the waters of Aidu quarry of around 10 km. We can provide you with a canoe, kayak or dragon boat, whichever you prefer. The boat can be used to visit a private floating sauna, which can be used for as long as desired. The amount of daylight and the time it will take you to get back should be taken into account, however. Adventure is guaranteed!

Group size: up to 15 people

Duration: around 4 hours

Price: starting from 15 euros per person, with the added cost of the sauna

We also offer water sports equipment hire. We also offer catering and sauna options in cooperation with our partners.

Grab your friends and let us know you are coming by calling +372 5307 1700 or e-mailing