Why come to Aidu Watersports Centre?

  • Aidu Watersports Centre is suitable for larger groups to train their teamwork skills, enjoying moments spent together as well as adventuring with children.
  • Memorable experiences are offered at Aidu Watersports Centre to those who like adventuring on the water as well as those who would like to explore the underwater world. You can use motor boats, canoes, rafts, dragon boats, water skis and wake boards.
  • Off-road safari adventures by the water in Aidu quarry are also possible, providing an excellent chance for developing teamwork skills on an almost lunar landscape.
  • Aidu Watersports Centre offers special and memorable experiences during the day and at night, because the historically shaped landscape adds a one-of-a-kind sense of mystery to adventures round the clock.
  • Our services are suitable for beginners as well as people with experience in water sports. The instructors are specialists in their field with years of experience.

The prices of the different adventures in Aidu Watersports Centre start from 15 euros per visitor. The price depends on the service of choice and group size. A sauna and hot tubs are available for use after your activity. We also offer catering suited to the style of the activity when booked in advance.

We would definitely recommend contacting us if you are having trouble choosing a suitable service. We can suggest an activity that corresponds to your experience, group size and desired teamwork. We will also gladly assist with organising equipment hire. Grab your friends and let us know you are coming by calling +372 5307 1700 or e-mailing info@aidu.ee.