The “Development of Aidu water sports and recreational centre” project received financial funding from Enterprise Estonia in July 2017. The project aims to establish the unique Aidu Watersports Centre on top of the artificial landscape of the former oil shale quarry by 2024, combining world-class water sports and active vacation opportunities. The existing artificial landscape and the established rowing and canoeing channel will be made use of in building Aidu Watersports Centre. The unique industrial legacy will be put to use and turned into a one-of-a-kind location for adventures on water, with catering and lodgings offered in addition to these activities. The service building on the shore of the tunnel will have a restaurant, sauna and children’s room as well as suitable conference rooms holding up to 100 visitors. There will of course soon be a finishing tower meeting international standards in Aidu so that all top-class sports competitions can be held here as required. The planned stands along with the edges of the channel can hold up to 5000 spectators.

By 2024, the Aidu water park sports and recreation centre will have been established in a former oil shale quarry, with a rowing channel in compliance with international standards at its heart, kilometres of artificial water bodies flowing from it and activities held on the water, in the water and by the water: rowing, canoeing and kayaking, diving, sailing, hiking and more. Aidu water park will help to make use of an area exhausted by mining operations by making it possible to engage in world-class water sports.

Financial support for the “Development of Aidu water sports and recreational centre” project is 3.7 million euros. Financed from the Regional Competitiveness Investment Support Scheme, which is co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund.