Aidu Watersports Centre is a water sports and recreational centre built on a former oil shale quarry. The adventures offered here continue the tale of rebirth of the formerly closed-off quarry area. Although the official sports centre will only be completed in 2020, the site in Aidu already offers adventures on the water, in the water and by the water.

A new era has begun in Aidu quarry with the creation of Aidu Watersports Centre, which aims to develop the quarry area and a positive future. The central idea here is an underwater historical world which symbolises the lost villages of Aidu and the era of oil shale mining, introduced through adventurous activities. Together, underwater history and activities above the water make up the unique Aidu water wonderland. The centre introduces people to the story of the Aidu oil shale mine, starting from its establishment and its effect on the human and the natural environment up to the sports and recreation possibilities in the quarry today.

By 2020 Aidu Watersports Centre will be the best place to organise world-class sporting competitions and the best sports and recreational park to offer one-of-a-kind adventures to anyone who appreciates active vacations. Aidu will soon have a unique visitor attraction built on an artificial landscape for holding world-class international sports events as well as for regular adventuring.

A flood of emotions is guaranteed for first-time visitors to Aidu Watersports Centre. The reason for this is simple: there aren’t many places in the world where the symbiosis of earth and water, industry and nature, sports and culture, past and present works so well together.

Current view of Aidu quarry: